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Laying cables in the ground with the GM4 crawler When creating trenches for irrigation systems, drains and underground cables, trench cutters for laying cables in the ground are the first choice. LIBA has

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Zurück Weiter GM 6 ASR - Demonstration Machine Our rock trench cutter is designed for the removal of rocks of different strength levels. Powerful milling drums are used, which break out the rock

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Glass fibre - with high speed into the future The future belongs to glass fibre. Data can be transmitted much faster than with copper. Today, not only the Internet, but also radio, TV,

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Cable laying -For laying fibre optic cables - the powerful and stable GM 4 all-wheel drive trenchers from LIBA. In some cases, certain projects relating to the laying of fibre-optic cables, such as

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Drainage pipe laying with trench cutters Whether drainage pipe laying or cable construction, our "Lingener Baumaschinen" machines are up to the tasks you have to cope with on your construction site. Through simple

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Fibre optic cable laying - fast & inexpensive The fibre optic network for fast Internet is becoming increasingly important in Germany and around the world. In order to lay these cables sensibly, we

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For laying fibre optic cables - the powerful and robust GM 1 all-wheel drive trenchers from LIBA. Laying fibre optic cables - When laying underground cables, such as fibre optic cables, or digging

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You can obtain high-quality lasers for depth regulation from us Precision for drainage is extremely important to achieve high quality and reliability. Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to make very

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