GMV 130 vibration cable Plough

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GMV 130 vibration cable Plough

In cable construction, nothing beats the trench cutting machine GM 130 vibration Plough

The most common machines in cable construction include trench cutters and a vibration plough for excavators. Especially the trench cutter GM 130 vibration cable plough is very popular to bring cables safely and reliably under the ground. The machine is easy to operate and offers a wide range of individual adaptation possibilities. Of course, such machines are not limited to cable construction, but are also used in other areas. These include, for example, civil engineering, sewer construction and telecommunications lines.

The relevance of the GM 130 vibration cable plough for cable construction

In the past, trenches for laying cables were still dug by hand. A lot has changed since then. Nowadays hydraulic excavators or a vibration plough for excavators are used. These machines are so powerful that they can do the work of many people in a very short time and with impressive precision. Especially in cable construction, such machines can dig suitable trenches in no time at all, so that cables can be laid quickly and easily.

The way cables are handled has also changed. Nowadays, modern equipment and technologies are used to ensure the greatest possible safety and durability of the cables. For example, cable pulling winches, which can be electronically controlled and monitored, are used to pull cables into protective pipes. In cable construction, such physically demanding tasks are hardly ever carried out by hand, but mainly with the help of machines such as the GM 130 plough trenchers.

These special features bring trench cutters and a vibration plough for excavators

The trench cutting machine GM 130 vibration cable plough was specially designed for use with tractors and hydraulic excavators. It can be attached with little effort to three-point tractors or hydraulic excavators from 20 tons upwards and then used directly. It does not matter whether the tractor or excavator is equipped with a continuously variable transmission or a super creeper transmission, the tiller copes well with both variants.

With a net weight of 2,400 kg, the trench cutting machine GM 130 vibration cable plough is pleasantly light and offers maximum flexibility for work. Depending on requirements, a plough depth up to a maximum of 1,300 millimetres and a plough width up to a maximum of 80 millimetres in diameter can be used. This makes it possible to adapt the working method of the machine to the respective task and every conceivable field of work.

Individual selection criteria for machines in cable construction

The choice of vibration plough depth and plough width is entirely in the hands of the user. They can therefore decide individually how deep the cables or pipes should be buried under the ground. In addition, the width of the trench determines the maximum diameter of the pipes that are to be buried. In this way, individual wishes and needs can be taken into account both for cable construction and for other projects and tasks.

There are numerous options for equipping the trench cutting machine GM 130 vibration cable plough with suitable equipment variants. However, it should be noted that the number and weight of the equipment items have an effect on the tiller’s own weight. When selecting a plough, it is also important to know exactly what the machine is to be used for. Only in this way is it possible to select the trench cutting machine that is suitable for your own purposes.

Focus on quality with the GM 130 vibration cable plough

The machines used in cable construction must work extremely reliably and professionally. Any form of damage to the cables must be avoided at all costs. This is why clean and precise trenches are so important. But these can only be achieved with an excellent machine such as the GM 130 vibration cable plough. That is why great importance should be attached to quality when choosing the right machines. The trench cutters from Grabenmeister in particular meet the highest quality standards and work particularly powerfully and reliably. In addition, such trenchers are characterized by the fact that they can be used together with various hydraulic excavators and a vibration plough for excavators.

Individual equipment on request!

  • Prerequisite – carrier device:
    three-point tractor or hydraulic excavator from 20 tons, super creeper
  • Ploughing depth: – max. 1,300 mm
  • Plough width: max. 80 mm diameterr

      • Drive: hydraulic via radial piston motor
      • Weight: 2.400 kg
      • length: 3.500 mm
      • width: 1.800 mm
      • height: 2.700 mm

(weight and dimensions are dependent on
of the respective equipment)

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