GM 1 4WD

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Trench Milling from LIBA: The compact and powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive for cable laying

When digging trenches for irrigation systems, drainage systems and underground cables, trenchers are the first choice for laying cables. LIBA has various trenchers in its range, which convince with their all-terrain, powerful caterpillar drive, user-friendly control system and extremely robust construction. The small but powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive has manageable operating elements and is therefore suitable for quick familiarisation, as its functionality is already apparent at the first use.

Trench milling for cable laying

Digging trenches for cable laying is often associated with pitfalls, requires professional equipment and careful preparation. LIBA trenchers with their jolt-free drive always mill clean and straight trenches for cable laying. Regardless of the condition of the ground, the milling machines are fully operational. If wet loam, stones or debris complicate the milling work, the chain run is briefly changed between backwards and forwards and the trenchers for laying the cables run free again. The low centre of gravity of the milling machines guarantees a safe stand even in uneven positions. If a tree stump should appear on the way, this does not stop the cable laying. The robust head is equipped with sufficient ground clearance for the crossing.

The GM 1 all-wheel trenchers are diesel-powered and self-propelled all-wheel trenchers. They have a low dead weight and thus guarantee a low ground load. The tilt device can easily compensate lateral slopes of up to 15 degrees. The operator platform of the trenchers can be swivelled. The excavated material is ejected either to the right or to the left. However, the excavated material can also be loaded directly by means of the conveyor belt which can be inserted on both sides. The additional filling hopper enables milling and filling with gravel to be carried out in just one operation. Further accessories enable the direct cable and pipe insertion of the GM 1 all-wheel trenchers. In addition, the all-wheel milling machines can also be equipped with twin tyres. With the self-propelled machine, trenches can also be milled in solid soil types without any problems. These trenchers are indispensable aids when laying cables.

Minimal damage at maximum utilisation

The extremely environmentally friendly alternative to the excavator guarantees a maximum workload during cable laying without major impairments in the sense of the Nature Conservation Act. A central focus of our construction activities is the laying of cables in various versions. The Allrounder’s services include not only the construction of cable trenches, but also environmentally friendly excavation of the ground. The individual equipment of our trenchers is available on request.

  • Milling width: 70 -300 mm
  • Milling depth: 300 – 1,200 mm
  • Engine: Lombardini Diesel, 3 cyl. LDW 1503, water cooled, 23 KW, 31,5 PS
  • Travel drive: -4x Poclain wheel drive, continuously adjustable
  • Working / transport speed: 0-12 km/h
  • Milling chain drive: mech. via power belt
  • Steering: hydr. via steering wheel
  • Electrical system: 12V
  • Hydr. system: tandem control pump control panel (control of all functions electrically), additional hydr. via gear pump
  • Tyre chassis/crawler track: 26x 12.00-12 Terra
  • Standard equipment: Standard conveyor belt hydr. (250×1000 mm), Vertical control hydr. 10 degrees all-wheel drive (stepless)
  • Milling beam depth: -600, 850 1100 mm
  • Chain widths: -70, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm (44.45 or 75 mm TLG.)
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • sole scraper
  • sole plate
  • Twin tyres with flan.
  • Fine stud profile
  • Loading conveyor 3000 mm hydr. for direct loading
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and holder for pipes and filling funnel


  • weight: 1.960 kg
  • length: 4.100 mm
  • width: 1.600 mm
  • height: 2.400 mm

(Weight and dimensions depend on the respective equipment)

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