Glass fibre laying in civil engineering

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Usually, the appropriate working machine is required for the professional creation of trenches for the laying of glass fibre in civil engineering. But the focus must also be on accurate preparation.

Glass fibre laying in civil engineering

But what if there are impairments during milling as a result of wet loam, rubble or stoGlass fibre layingnes? The trench cutters for fibreglass laying in civil engineering think in such a case by changing the chain run briefly from forward to reverse. Afterwards, work can be continued without any problems. In view of the low centre of gravity of the machines, it is guaranteed that safe milling is possible even in uneven terrain.

If a tree stump or a root hidden in the ground appears during the laying of fibreglass in civil engineering, such unforeseen obstacles cannot really stop the work. In any case, the milling unit’s adequate ground clearance ensures a smooth passage.

LIBA trench cutters cut straight and clean trenches for glass fibre laying in civil engineering. We can offer a machine for every underground. So we can be sure that our machine will have no problems in the ground to be milled. Of course you can get advice on the right machine for your project from us.

Trencher for rocky ground

For LIBA trenching machines it is a piece of cake to always cut straight and accurate trenches for cable laying in the ground, as they do their job without jerking at all with their smooth drive. The cutters can be used continuously with maximum efficiency, regardless of the condition of the ground. If the ground is very rocky, we recommend our GM6 ASR. This machine is our weapon when it comes to fighting a rocky ground.

Like all our machines, it has been further developed and improved over the years. There are many technical refinements that provide the customer with enormous support when milling. The machine is powered by a diesel turbo engine with 228 HP, which definitely provides enough power. The chain drive is hydraulic and can be dosed according to the required power. The weight of this trencher is 17,000 KG. This weight is necessary to keep the machine stable and to enable clean milling in hard ground. The driver’s cab can also be swivelled so that the driver has a good view of what is happening at all times and can therefore guide the tiller properly.

Glass fibre laying in civil engineering

In many cases, a trench cutting machine can replace the excavator. The reason for this is the speed at which such a trencher works. The work that such a trencher can do in an hour is hardly possible with an excavator. However, many people do not even know that it is possible to work with a trencher. Some people only want to dig small trenches and do not want to invest in a trencher. But it is more efficient and environmentally friendly.


But if you look a little bit into the future, it is clear that fibre optics will be a big undertaking for some years to come. Finite cables still have to be laid to build a stable network. For this reason, the investment in a trench cutting machine is worthwhile. Apart from the efficiency of such a machine, our machines also meet all environmental standards. So you can look into the future with confidence, knowing that you are up to date.

When it comes to successful glass fibre laying, the word “micro-trenching” is often used. This describes a type of milling in which only a narrow gap is cut into the ground. This is quicker because the gap is very small, as already mentioned, and the work can therefore be carried out more quickly. In the countryside, such types of milling are often not possible, which is why one then reverts to laying fibreglass in civil engineering. Especially in the cities a lot is relied on this technique. You can find more information here!

By the way, there are several trenching methods, namely micro, mini and macro trenching. These differ in the depth and width of the realised milling slots and in the cutting or milling technology used.

With us you benefit from many years of experience and professional expertise

Glass fiber laying in underground construction

Our devices are characterised by high functionality and reliability. They have already proven themselves in many fields of application and numerous projects and are used by a large number of companies. In addition, we offer you more than 50 years of experience, which is reflected in the technical sophistication and professionalism of our trenching machines. Whether laying fibreglass in civil engineering, working in drainage or laying simple pipelines, our machines will support you.



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