Land drainage with the trencher

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Whether on football pitches, golf courses or in housing estates. Drainage is indispensable in all these cases. But what is done there and why is the trencher an ideal solution when it comes to laying drainage pipes?

Laying drainage pipes

In principle, the laying of drainage pipes is not particularly complicated. Pipes are laid in the ground to protect the soil from excessive water contamination. But as always, the following applies here too: “easier said than done”. Because if the trench is not dug properly and professionally, the drainage will not work as hoped. And if the drainage does not work properly, football pitches, for example, run the risk of being flooded more quickly and therefore cannot be played on.

For example, the installed pipes must ideally have a slope of 2%, but at least 0.5% per metre, to allow the water to drain away quickly. At the same time, with such a slope, the pipes do not fill up too quickly with dirt and other debris, so that water can drain away in the long term and the pipes do not have to be replaced so often.

Even more important than drainage on sports fields and golf courses is drainage in residential areas or directly at the house. This is because it prevents the constant seepage water from damaging their walls and causing moisture damage, such as mould in the basement or other problems.

Installation with the trencher

So why resort to the trencher when it comes to drainage. There are several reasons why it makes sense to use a trencher for drainage. First of all, speed plays a decisive role. You can work much faster with a trencher than with a mini-excavator. The distance that can be covered in one day is on average three times greater than with an excavator. This is of course because a trencher can dig much narrower trenches than an excavator could. They “cut” practically through the ground, which of course makes them much faster.

Another advantage is the accuracy of a trencher in relation to the trench. With a trencher, a much more accurate and stable trench can be made than with excavators or other means. Since in this case you do not tear the soil apart, as is the case with an excavator, for example, but only dig the necessary trench in the earth, the earth consequently remains much more stable and the trench does not collapse as quickly. Furthermore, such a trench is also much more precise and even, which makes it easier to lay the pipes.

Drainage with Lingener Baumaschinen

Should you decide to use a trench master, there are some features that can definitely help you with your drainage installation. One very important feature is our laser sensors. You can order these from us at the same time. They will then be adjusted to the machine and of course explained to you in detail when you receive the device. But why does such a laser actually make sense? Well, as already mentioned, it is important to lay the pipes at a gradient of 2% per metre in order to allow the water to drain properly and to keep contamination to a minimum. The laser does this for you. It shows you the slope and, if necessary, regulates the machine itself so that the cutter always cuts at the ideal angle to achieve the necessary slope.

We also offer a backfill hopper. This is filled with gravel and then pulled behind the machine. The gravel is regularly distributed over the pipe and the trench is thus closed again. This makes the work even faster and more efficient, as the cable can be excavated, laid and closed in one go, without the need for additional equipment.

All these advantages and features that our machines offer make drainage easier for you and, above all, more profitable through efficient work.

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